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Moving Tips...



Moving Tips?


Moving can be a hectic experience.  However, PREPARATION - usually weeks in advance - can make the process run much smoother than it would otherwise run!

Also, if time allows, you might consider a yard sale!  Families that move usually purchase some new furniture to outfit their new home.  There's no reason to move soon to be changed-over furniture.  A yard sale will decrease the volume of items in your move and save you time and money!

If you feel you would rather leave the moving to a professional moving company, please contact your moving company of choice as soon as possible after you have entered into contract to either buy or sell your home.  Work off your scheduled escrow close date and closely coordinate with your moving company!

            Moving with Appliances

            Moving with Pets

            Moving Power Tools

            Safety Always


Moving with Appliances

  • Refrigerators: Dry out refrigerators and freezers, especially those with ice makers. The water reservoir should also be emptied. If your refrigerator or freezer is an older model, you may have to have the compressor or motor bolted down.

  • Dishwashers should be clean and dry.  Disconnect and drain hoses.  Wrap dry hoses in towels and packing paper and place inside the washer. (Draining is important-it protects appliances from freezing when moving during the winter months.)

  • Washing Machines should be clean and dry.  Disconnect and drain hoses. Wrap metal connector ends of hose in a towel and place inside washer. IMPORTANT: Secure the tub/drum following manufacturer's guidelines to prevent swaying and possible cracking of tub or drum. If you don't have the manufacturer's guidelines, you can purchase a washer kit with a manual that provides instructions on how to secure the tub by tightening down the tub/drum using screws. I f you prefer not to do it yourself, a third party service provider can be arranged for you by Allied or North American Van Lines.

  • Clothes Dryer: If you are moving a gas dryer, the appliance should be disconnected and the gas line capped off by a qualified technician.

  • Stove Top/Range/Oven: If you are moving a gas range, it must be disconnected prior to moving by a qualified service technical and the gas line must be properly secured as well.

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Moving with Pets

Before the move:

  • Before the move, schedule the pet for an examination by your veterinarian to update health records and obtain rabies vaccinations.  Have your Vet prepare a packet with all your petís vet records so you can take these documents to your new home.

  • Order new identification tags with the petís name and new address.

  • Maintain your petís routine as the moving date approaches.  Try not to experiment with new food or a new schedule.

Moving by car:

  • Acquaint your pet with riding in a car before the trip begins by taking a few short trips around the neighborhood.

  • Pack containers of fresh food and cool water.  Include treats and toys to keep your pet occupied.

  • If you plan to stay overnight in a hotel, call in advance to find out if the hotel allows pets.  Auto clubs can provide a list of these hotels.

  • Stop for drinks and walks frequently and never leave your pet in an enclosed, locked car. Always keep your pet on a leash when stopping for a break.  This ensures the safety of your pet on unfamiliar grounds and adheres to most rest stop regulations.

  • Some pets feel safer and more secure in a portable kennel.  Select a portable kennel that is large enough for your pet to stand and move around and fits easily into the car. Portable kennels can be used after the move to help secure your pet when meters need to be read or carpet cleaners arrive.

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Moving Power Tools

  • Power tools and mowers:  All power tools and mowers must be completely drained of oil and gas before moving.

  • Grill:  Dispose of any unused charcoal.  If you have a gas grill, remove the tank. Gas tanks cannot be transported in any moving van.  You can return your gas tanks to Lowe's.

  • Tools:  Long-handled garden tools should be bundled together.  Attachments should be removed from power tools and packed separately.  Use towels to wrap and tape any sharp-edged tools.

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Safety Always

Above all else - PLEASE EXERCISE SAFETY!!  Stay as organized as physically possible during this hectic time.  The less clutter on the floor, the less likelihood of tripping and falling.

If you have small children, be very cautious when boxing household cleaning chemical as well as in the stacking of your boxes.  Young children will be very curious as to the disarray and curiosity will most likely lead then to investigate!

Follow proper lifting posture at ALL TIMES!!  More than 50% of all people have some type of low back pain.  Consult with your doctor about your lifting if you suffer from low back pain.

If you're devoting full days of packing and organizing, please PACE yourself so as to not overwork your back, shoulders, legs and knees.  You will most likely be excited about the event and the tendency is to continue working.  Slow it down a few paces and rest just a few more times than you would otherwise rest.  You will spare your body of injury as well as find your work day more productive.

Lastly - invite your friends and family to assist!  You know they're ask you in their next move so be polite and ask them on your current move!!

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