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Buyer's Guide - Exclusive Buyer's Agent ...

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Exclusive Buyer's Agent


Buying a home is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime and you should have a Realtor you can trust through the entire home buying process!

An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent is YOUR real estate agent.  You will receive the benefit of FULL REPRESENTATION!  Listed below are just a few of the benefits received from an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.

Information & Counseling

Searching for a Property

Contract Offer

After The Offer To Purchase Is Accepted

Close Of Escrow


    Information & Counseling...

  • Complete Home Buyer's Questionnaire to find out what kind of home Buyer wants and needs.

  • Explain the forms of agency available to Buyer and explain how different relationships may affect the level and type of service a Buyer may receive from a real estate agent.

  • Offer to enter into a written Agency Agreement with the Buyer. The agreement will include beginning and ending dates, fee structure and payment method (can structure payment from seller), and the responsibilities of both parties.

  • Pledge absolute confidentiality to the Buyer when representing him/her.

  • Counsel Buyer regarding his/her financial qualifications and assist Buyer in finding and working with mortgage lenders.

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    Searching For A Property...

  • Discuss preferences in size, areas, styles, age, floorplans, and develop a property profile.

  • Search the entire real estate market, including the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), properties for sale by owners, and new homes (where appropriate).

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    Contract Offer...

  • Inform Buyer about any defects or problems observed or discovered regarding the property.

  • Prepare a comparative market analysis to determine the property’s fair market value.

  • Explain the choices available in each section of an offer to purchase and explain the alternatives available to the Buyer.

  • Advise Buyer to seek legal counsel where appropriate.

  • Prepare the offer to purchase in a manner which will protect the Buyer's interest.

  • Will provide proper disclosures regarding agency representation and any other matters as required by law.

  • Develop negotiation strategies with Buyer, including pre-set limits on key points of negotiation when Buyer wishes to do so.

  • Counsel Buyer regarding time requirements in the contract and encourage Buyer to have professional inspectors inspect the property if the contract is accepted.

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    After The Offer To Purchase Is Accepted...

  • Will counsel Buyer about home inspections and provide the names of real estate inspectors.

  • Will encourage Buyer to be present during inspections.

  • Will explain options available to Buyer regarding items in the inspection report.

  • Where appropriate, will notify the Seller or the Seller’s Agent in writing of inspectors’ findings and the Buyer's choice of any options available to the Buyer.

  • Maintain contact with the title company and mortgage company to insure that the Buyer's interests are being protected.

  • Will review the settlement statement with Buyer at or before closing.

Will attend close of escrow with Buyer and will be prepared to answer questions the Buyer may have.

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    Close of Escrow...

  • Counsel and assist Buyer about moving out/in process.

  • Deliver all transaction papers.

  • Maintain contact with Buyer throughout following months to assure smooth Home Buyer transition.

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